Aboriginal Culture Tour

Aboriginal Culture Tour at Car-rang-gel Sanctuary  *NEW! 

Deep gratitude and appreciation for D’harawal elder and knowledge holder, Aunty Francis Bodkin, for her vast knowledge and wisdom and her willingness to contribute to the content of this excursion.

Program Overview

Students have the opportunity to explore Car-rang-gel Sanctuary and learn about the special Aboriginal culture of this spiritual place. Walking through virtually untouched bush land, students can better understand how, for Indigenous Australians, the land is not just soil or rocks or minerals, but a whole environment that sustains and is sustained by people and culture . Students learn about the endangered community of plants at North Head and how the Aboriginal people used these plants in unique ways to survive.   Students participate in games and hands-on activities to make the information come alive. They become more informed about the Aboriginal connection to land at North Head and deepen their knowledge and appreciation of Aboriginal history and culture.

Activities/Learning Experiences

  • Take a step back in time to imagine life in Australia pre-colonial days
  • Learn about the different types of structures and materials used by Aboriginal people when building shelters
  • Build your own Aboriginal housing structure using natural materials
  • Discuss the differences in the Aboriginal annual seasonal calendar compared to the western calendar.
  • Participate in a Bush-adventure searching for hidden plants and animals that help to determine the Aboriginal seasons
  • Learn how Aboriginal people in the area had a sustainable use of natural resources and the importance of their connection with the land
  • Discover different uses of plants by the Aboriginal people for food, medicine, tools
  • Learn about some significant contributions Aboriginal people have made to our society
  • Participate in a Scavenger hunt to find items that Aboriginal people may have needed to survive.
  • Discuss how Aboriginal culture is not a thing of the past, and how North Head has been used for Repatriation Ceremonies in recent years

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Excursion Details

Tour Length:  3.5 hours
$16 per student (minimum of 24 students or $375 per group) – includes all equipment and materials supplied by EcoXplore
We can take up to three groups at one time, for a total of 90 students/day. *Please note there is a maximum of 30 students per environmental educator/guide – this is to ensure quality and to maximise meaningful interaction and participation of the students.
North Head Sanctuary, Manly – click here for map
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