Below and Beyond

Below and Beyond *NEW! 

This excursion complements the Primary Connections unit – Beneath Our Feet

Program Overview

Students walk through virtually untouched bush land where they have the opportunity to observe how much exists and happens ‘beneath our feet’. We look at: the geology of North Head & its sandstone cliffs; the windblown sand that graces the top of North Head and is the perfect habitat for the endangered Eastern Banksia Scrub; organic leaf litter which provides homes for all sorts of critters, natural resources that are used for everyday items; the Aboriginal concept of ‘caring for country’ and their use of plants as food and medicine. Students learn that everything beneath and above our feet is connected and plants, animals and people rely on each other to survive. Students participate in games and hands-on activities to make the information come alive. They become more informed about how natural processes and human activities have changed the environment and the land we walk on.

Activities/Learning Experiences

  • Hands-on activity exploring leaf litter and learning about the many different functions it has
  • Explore the interrelationship between plants and animals and how they depend on each other 
for survival
  • Go on a Mini beast hunt. Search for invertebrates that live in the area
  • Learn about the unique Aeolian sand that occurs at North Head and the endangered Eastern 
Suburbs Banksia Scrub that grows in this nutrient-poor sand
  • Discuss the importance of plants and other natural resources to people – ie, for food, 
medicine, fuel
  • Participate in a Scavenger hunt searching for man-made items that come from the earth. As a 
group, use your analytical skills to think about where everyday items come from
  • Learn how Aboriginal people in the area had a sustainable use of natural resources and the 
importance of their connection with the land
  • Observe how different groups of people over time have used the environment at North Head, 
including their relationship with the land and how their actions have impacted and changed 
the environment
  • Create your own Aboriginal housing structure using natural materials
  • Observe first hand the rock formations and cliffs of North Head and different ways weathering 
and erosion

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Click here for Key Syllabus Outcomes and Content


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Excursion Details

Tour Length:  3.5 hours
$16 per student (minimum of 24 students or $375 per group) – includes all equipment and materials supplied by EcoXplore
We can take up to three groups at one time, for a total of 90 students/day. *Please note there is a maximum of 30 students per environmental educator/guide – this is to ensure quality and to maximise meaningful interaction and participation of the students.
North Head Sanctuary, Manly – click here for map
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